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I know how to save money on plus sized clothing at a store called Curvissa

Welcome to my blog. Here I am going to reach out to the many ladies who are in the same position as me. You have a gorgeous and voluptuous figure but you can’t find anywhere that sells the correct sized clothes – am I right? Well don’t worry anymore because after spending years and years putting up with this problem I have finally found a solution thanks to the joys of the internet – and you will be pleased to know that it doesn’t involve going on a diet or doing any exercise. I did a simple Google search for plus sized clothing and the search had lots of results. The problem is though because it is quite a specialist area I always found that the clothing was very dull. It was definitely practical, but it didn’t represent me. As I’m plus-sized I consider myself quite bubbly and no clothes represented me for who I feel I really am.

After hours of searching I managed to whittle down a few websites that are actually pretty good and have a nice selection and a good range of fashion. But this is when I ran into the other hurdle – the price. Again, because plus-sized clothing is a bit of a specialist area, companies that are able to cater for people like me tend to want more money for the same products in larger sizes. Fair enough I suppose it’s because more material is used to make the clothes and some clothing has to be a little more robust in some areas compared to that of clothing for barbie dolls, but even so is it really fair that I have to pay almost £100 for a dress just because I enjoy my food? Thank heavens for Curvissa.


They are not quite as expensive as the other plus-sized clothing retailers so I was really quite hpapy about that. Plus I’ve been able to find myself a voucher code online and save myself a small fortune – which is the whole point of this blog – simply to spread the word about the latest Curvissa offers and Curvissa voucher codes for you to use and share.

Curvissa have a large selection of clothing in a wide range of fashions for virtually any occasion – all made especially for the lady with the fuller figure. They even sell shoes for those with wider feet like myself. I’m going to my best friend Tracy’s wedding in May this year and it just so happens that Curvissa also have plus-sized wedding outfits. I don’t need to even worry myself about losing any weight before the wedding now – as I know I can order my outfit a few days before and it will fit me perfectly. Plus because I have ordered form them before I know the clothing is of decent quality and it will not let me now. I absolutely recommend Curvissa to any women out there as we deserve to feel beautiful simply because we are. Keep your eye on my blog for many more things to come including the latest Curvissa voucher codes, promotions and lots. lots more. TTFN J

K x


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